Following the need to move #TedsBench, The Hodcarrier is honoured to be given the opportunity to have #TedsBench located on the grass, under our Hodcarrier sign.

We are so pleased to be considered a big enough part of the community to warrant the bench being moved here. #TedsBench has a planter attached, so that anyone wishing to leave flowers will be able and welcome to.

Figgy has also made a Curious George pumpkin, and lights have been incorporated for Halloween – so if any of the local children would like to turn the lights on and off each day they are welcome to, and it would be appreciated.

Thanks once again to Natalie & Kev for allowing us to look after #TedsBench. We look forward to seeing you soon and making sure it gets plenty of use!


The Hodcarrier Team

#TedsBench at The Hodcarrier Whitnash
#TedsBench at The Hodcarrier Whitnash

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