Who likes coming to The Hodcarrier Whitnash, for the sports?

Who likes coming for the music?

Who likes being having a quality system to enjoy all of the entertainment on?

We are so happy to announce that The Hodcarrier has just had a brand new 100″ 4K professional hospitality entainment system installed in the main bar – let’s hear you say that 4 times fast!!

This promises to give you a high brightness, high quality, responsive picture, for watching all of the sport.

On top of that we’ve installed a top of the range 2.5k LG zoned sound system, for clearer commentary and exceptional sound quality for all of our music and events. As it is zoned it means we should be able to listen to two games in different areas, with minimal interference from the other game.

It also means that we’ve been able to rejig the current installation, allowing us to take advantage of the 4K potential of our current projector and screen, and have bigger screens for all other sports.

We are so pleased to be able to provide this to our customers and community. We know you love your sport and as we’re introducing more music, this should make a huge difference to the quality you receive.

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