Greetings from The Hodcarrier team in Whitnash! it’s been a while since we’ve put anything out, however we’ve just had confirmation of the amazing amount of money, you’ve all helped to raise for Myton Hospice over the Christmas season.

We held a number of raffles and events over Christmas, to help raise money for Myton, to support the incredible work they do day in and day out. Prizes were provided by Coors, Warwick Signs and of course us here at The Hodcarrier.

So without further ado The Hodcarrier is pleased to announce a huge total of £1,200.00

Donations like this are only possible, with the support that we receive from our amazing regulars and local community! So from us all here at The Hodcarrier, we would like to Thank You for getting involved, Thank You for helping to raise this for such a worthy cause and Thank You for helping us to have a Merry Christmas – Here is to a Happy 2022 for you all!

Fundraiser Myton Hospice 2021
Fundraiser Myton Hospice 2021

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